Why Trademark watching is Important

Why Trademark watching is Important?

Trademark Watching is an important process which helps companies to identify the infringement and misuse of their trademark in a timely manner. The trademark watching allows trademark owners to get alerts when the filing of a similar trademark takes place. By keeping a check on similar trademarks, it ensures one’s position to oppose the trademark[…]

TM Monitoring Why and How to Perform

TM Monitoring – Why and How to Perform

TM monitoring or Trademark Watch is an important step once you acquire a trademark for your company. It is a precautionary measure that keeps your Trademark secured from infringers. People by now know the centrality of a trademark for a brand. It is difficult for a brand to survive without a trademark in the current[…]

Trademark Monitoring: Why is it Important for your Brand?

After successfully registering a trademark with the USPTO, trademark monitoring is the next most important step. Enforcement of your trademark rights is your responsibility, and that is possible when you monitor your trademark closely. In order to stop someone from infringing your trademark, you must be aware of the infringement in the first place. This[…]

Global Trademark Search and its significance

Global Trademark Search is a process of scanning among the existing International Trademarks or Trademark applications for any potential infringement. Companies that plan to supply their goods/services in foreign countries take the help of these services. The complete process of application and registration for global trademarks is managed by the Madrid Protocol. However, the registration[…]

Benefits of trademark monitoring service

Benefits of Trademark Monitoring Service

Trademark monitoring service is used to keep an eye on the possible infringers of the Trademarks.  Also, it helps to avoid any infringement from our side. They notify us of all the possible threats. However, registration of a Trademark with the USPTO is just the first step to efficiently use and protect the related goods or services.[…]

Trademark watch and Its Significance

Trademark Watch and its Significance

Trademark watch helps in protecting the registered Trademark from the potential infringements. It monitors trademarks which are registered or in the mid of the registration process to check any potential infringement. If the company finds any mark resembling or violating the rights of the original Trademark, it can file an application against the infringing party.[…]

Trademark Watch Services: Benefits

Trademark Watch services help to avoid infringement or misuse of the trademark by a third party. The services also protect the intellectual property rights of the companies over their trademark. After trademark registration, it is wise to take trademark watch services as it keeps an eye on the potential market dangers which may conflict your[…]

Trademark Monitoring Fundamentals

Trademark Monitoring Fundamentals: Know the Importance

Being a trademark holder, it is important for you to have knowledge about trademark monitoring fundamentals. Trademark monitoring is an indispensable step to defend the trademark rights. An effective trademark monitoring strategy not only avoids your trademark loss but also prevent loss to your business. Moreover, it avoids the enforcing ability damage against infringers. So,[…]