Brand Infringement

Brand Infringement: What Is It & How to Avoid?

Brand infringement refers to the unauthorized and illegal use of a brand of another individual or organization. Intellectual Property Rights protect the brand.    Nowadays, brand and trademark infringement is very common. Brand infringement can happen with any business irrespective of the fact that yours is a big brand or even when you are running business only on your own.  […]

Trademark Watching What Makes It An Essential Service

Trademark Watching: What Makes It An Essential Service?

Trademark watching is a service that helps registered trademark owners to monitor the trademark related database. And, it also helps to monitor similar trademarks. The examiners at the trademark offices are very skilled. But, they do not always report possible conflicts with other trademarks. Moreover, in some countries, like the European Union and United Kingdom,[…]

The Crucial Advantages of Trademark Monitoring Services

The Crucial Advantages of Trademark Monitoring Services

You can protect your trademark rights by using Trademark Monitoring Services. Generally, a trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design. Moreover, a trademark can be the combination of a word, phrase, symbol, or design. Also, a trademark is an Intellectual Property that gives exclusive rights. Usually, businesses use their unique marks to distinguish their[…]

What is Trademark Litigation

What do you understand by Trademark Litigation?

Trademark Litigation is a legal process that applicants need to initiate in the case of infringement of a trademark. A trademark is a unique mark that companies register to distinguish themselves from others in the market. Moreover, a trademark on goods represents a company and increases company‚Äôs worth socially. Knowing trademark litigation becomes important if[…]

How is Trademark Licensing Beneficial for Your Brand

How is Trademark Licensing Beneficial for Your Brand?

If you own a trademark of a big brand, chances are that you would need trademark licensing. This is basically a merchandise agreement. You, as a trademark owner, can allow other parties to use your trademark in exchange for royalty. It can be beneficial for you in terms of generating a stream of revenue for[…]

Trademark Monitor A Complete Guide

Trademark Monitor: A Complete Guide

Trademark monitor is a crucial step when you have a business and have spent the money to register your trademark. The trademark monitor allows trademark owners to get alerts when the filing of a similar trademark takes place. It helps one to know when he needs to take action to keep the trademark safe. The[…]

Avoid Trademark Infringement Easily

Avoid Trademark Infringement Easily

The term trademark infringement denotes the illegal use of a trademark or service mark. It is basically related to the services or goods that are leading to confusion or misunderstanding about the real service or product. A trademark owner is allowed to take legal action against the violator if they prove that their mark is[…]

Why is Trademark Watch Service Important

Why is Trademark Watch Service Important?

Trademark Watch Service is an important process which helps companies to identify the trademark infringement in a timely manner.  The trademark watch service monitors trademarks which are registered or in the mid of the registration process to check any potential infringement. It allows trademark owners to get alerts when the filing of a similar trademark[…]