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The trademark monitoring procedure entails all of the steps that must be taken in order to keep track of our trademarks. To begin with, a trademark is never totally protected, even if it has been registered. As a result, you should always keep an eye on the most recent trademark applications that have been filed. That is, you should check to see if another person’s trademark infringes on your previously registered mark on a frequent basis.

Now, registering a trademark is only the first step in fully protecting your mark, brand, or product name. It’s also crucial to make sure that any potential infringers stay away from your trademark/brand. And keeping an eye on the most recent application ensures that. This aids in the detection of potential infringers as well as stopping them from proceeding with the grant application process. This is the procedure of trademark surveillance. A trademark monitoring system notifies you of third-party trademark applications that may be confusingly similar to yours. Trademark monitoring ensures that you retain ownership of your trademark, name, or logo. Companies nowadays frequently start by registering their trademark and then creating a website or making their brand discoverable online. Monitoring allows you to take action before the trademark is registered. The trademark monitoring software recognises all comparable trademarks on a regular basis and alerts users to potential infringements.

Trademark monitoring is a time-consuming and demanding operation. Every country has a trademark registry that keeps track of registered and pending trademark applications, which are referred to as Trademark Journals. The respective registration publishes the trademark journal online once a week on a specific day.

How to Obtain Trademark Monitoring

Professionals you hire come up with appropriate trademark tactics in order to monitor your trademark. These techniques are based on the size and reach of your brand/market. mark’s In order to detect conflicting applications, the method should ideally cover all trademark registries’ applications. Monitoring usually includes anything from words to logos and symbols. It is neither realistic nor possible to look at every industry in every jurisdiction if a firm has a large market and operates globally. In such circumstances, specialists in the industry prioritise and attempt to secure the organization’s essential trademarks while also covering the most important jurisdictions.

Trademark Monitoring at Global Level

Every application filed in all trademark offices is monitored as part of the global trademark monitoring process. Monitoring entails keeping a continual eye on other people’s apps to ensure that you don’t inadvertently misuse the registered marks and that the brand’s integrity isn’t jeopardised. The main goal of trademark monitoring is to avoid or prevent deceptive, similar, or identical trademark registrations. A comparable trademark effectively eliminates your brand’s market. As a result, profits are declining, and there is a risk of harming the brand’s reputation. It is critical to monitor and observe new trade mark applications for potential infringements in order to ensure that your registered trademarks receive complete protection and are not comparable to those of others. Trademark monitoring also enables you to respond swiftly to third-party applications that may infringe on your intellectual property rights.

In general, taking action against a third-party trademark early on is faster, less complicated, and less expensive, especially if the trademark has yet to be registered and the country offers an opposition mechanism that allows you to oppose a trade mark before it is registered. Many businesses do not have the time or motivation to monitor what others are doing that may have an impact on their brand. Any company that is serious about brand protection or monitoring competitor activities, on the other hand, should consider trade mark watching, especially considering the cheap annual charges.

What is the Need to Monitor Trademarks?

The three basic reasons for trademark monitoring are as follows:

Avoid Infringement

You can use TM monitoring to combat competing trademarks. As a result, we can anticipate probable trademark infringement circumstances even before we need to take legal action.

Prevent Loss in Profits

Protect the value of your brand from termination with trademark monitoring and avoid losing revenue to infringers.


Trademark monitoring keeps you informed about infringers and protects your brand even if litigation is required.

Why “The Trademark Watch Company” ?

If you’re trying to protect your trademark, The Trademark Watch Company (TTWC) will assist you. TTWC has years of experience monitoring trademarks to ensure that your brand is not misappropriated. We maintain a close eye on all trademark filings in several countries that may have an influence on a company’s brand. TTWC can assist in determining whether a trademark, trade name, or other trade-related asset has been misappropriated in any jurisdiction. Our staff consists of highly qualified individuals who provide the highest level of service. Our team has grown successful in fulfilling our clients in 92+ countries around the world. For more information, visit The Trademark Watch Company.

Follow the following simple steps to let us monitor your trademark:

Choose your Monitoring Variant

Choose the search variant and add-on that is most suitable to your needs and budget.

Provide Mark Details + Delivery Options

Provide the details of the mark which you want us to monitor, any specific instructions, NICE classes and delivery preferences.

Place Your Order Securely Online

Place your selected order securely using credit / or debit card through PayPal payment gateway.

Start Receiving Misuse Check Reports in 1-4 Days

You will get your report online, via email and/or in hard-copy depending on the delivery options provided by you.

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