Online Trademark Application Filing in The United States

Acquiring trademark for your business brand helps it grow efficiently. It is because, it provides unique identity to your brand in the market. Thus, looking at it the customers come to know it belongs to you. Further, trademark registration prevents anyone else from using your trademark to promote their brand. Thus, no one can sell their products using your brand name, if they do so you can legally sue them. That’s why it is necessary for filing a trademark application.

If you are a USA based firm, then you need to go for trademark application filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It encourages you for online application filing via TEAS (Trademark Electronic Application System) on its website. You will be amazed to know that, over 85 percent of trademark applications are filed electronically with USPTO. This article puts more light on trademark application filing in the Unites States. Thus read till end and get full insight over it.

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Trademark application filing: Types of mark you can file

You can file the applications for registering traditional trademarks with the USPTO. It includes trademarks of word, design and combination of more than one mark. You can also file non-visual marks such as color, shape, configuration, sound, flavor, scent, touch and motion marks. USPTO trademark application filing also allows you to file collective marks and certification marks.

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Let’s read all these types of marks one by one, below:

Trademark having Word:

Letters, numbers, and words are used in this type of trademark filing. The trademark you choose has letters in Latin characters. Further, all the n umbers in your mark are written in Roman or Arabic numerals only. Also, all the letters and numbers that you are using are not stylish in appearance. It means, your mark includes punctuation or diacritical marks only, it does not have any element of design.

Trademark having design:

As the name suggests such trademarks in trademark filing includes designs to register with USPTO. The trademark must be in JPG format and size not more than 5MB. The design you will be filing must have a resolution of 300-350 DPI. The dimensions of same must be 250pixels in length to 944pixels in width.

Trademark of color:

As the name suggests, these marks are visual that are depicted using color drawings. The trademark application filing concerning color marks must describe two things clearly:

  • Color claim that names the color that is a feature of the mark
  • Further, you should also explain via a statement where does the color appear and it’s role in your trademark.

Shape or 3D trademark:

Such types of trademarks are 3D in appearance and describe the configuration, shape or design of a product or its packaging. Thus, as an applicant you must include in the application, description of your mark.

Sound Mark:

Such kind of trademark requires registration over an audio file. Thus, while filing trademark application, you must submit the audio file in an electronic format. The file must be in .wav, .wmv, .wma, .mp3, .mpg, or .avi format. Also, the size of file should be less than 5 MB. You should also provide complete description of sound that includes, any words or lyrics in it.

Scent or Flavor Mark

These trademarks seek registration over a fragrance thus you must submit the proof of distinctiveness you got. The application must also have complete details and description of scent or flavor. Don’t forget to attach a specimen that contains the scent or flavor. Further, this must match the description given in application.

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Collective Membership Mark

The marks you file under this category must be used by the members of a cooperative, an association, or any other collective group or organization. Your application should include complete description of the nature of the membership organization such as by type, purpose, or area of activity of the members.

Certification Mark

Any word, name, symbol, and/or device used by a person other than its owner to certify regional or other origin, material, mode of manufacture, quality, accuracy, or other characteristics of such person’s goods or services or that the work or labor on the goods or services was performed by members of a union or other organization.

Whom to choose for USPTO Trademark Application Watch & Filing?

Registering a trademark is a simple process, yet a process that requires specific skills. It is because, a single mistake during the trademark prosecution, will hand you the consequences that can become very serious in future. Hence, if you are experienced and know the nooks and corners related to trademark prosecution, then file it yourself. However, if you are a new business owner thinking of acquiring the trademark for your brand name, hire a professional trademark filing expert. For this purpose you can hire us, “Trademark Watch Company”.

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