November 1, 2019

Trademark Docketing and Paralegal Services


Our Experience – Docketing & Paralegal

  • The team has over 10+ years of experience in Trademark Docketing
  • PTO and client specific documents – Process 100 Docketing & prepare 40 Paralegal documents
  • Process all types of US, Foreign and Madrid Trademark documents
  • Keeping track of all the communications which includes – Applicant to PTO & vice versa, Client to Agent & vice versa, Office Actions & their responses.
  • Keeping track of deadlines for responding to PTO communications
  • Sending reminders to client for upcoming deadlines
  • Platform Agnostic – 3 weeks to Go Live on any system


Our Service Verticals

Filing –

  • Liaisoning with the agents in case of foreign filings
  • Preparation of TEAS Form.
  • Filing of executed forms.

Search – On request of client, search:

  • Word Mark
  • Slogan
  • Logo

Grant Renewal –

  • Preparation and Filing of Renewal Forms in case of US Matters.
  • Sending out renewal instructions to associate in case of foreign matters.


Filing –

  • Matter Creation
  • Updating Matter
  • Activity Creation
  • Updating database
  • Docketing up-coming Deadlines
  • Sending Notifications

Search –

  • Docketing office actions and response
  • Publications
  • Oppositions

Grant Renewal –

  • Grant/Allowance notification
  • Grant/Allowance formality
  • Docketing renewal deadlines
  • Proof of use

Quality Approach

  • Error opportunities identified for all types of documents
  • All error opportunities further classified into Fatal (critical) and Non-fatal (non-critical) errors
  • All documents categorized into Priority and Non Priority, based on – Deadline to be docketed, Clients priority.
  • 100% Quality checking done for all the priority documents – constitutes 45% of total documents processed
  • 35% of QC sampling done for all Non-Priority documents
  • Defects per unit quality approach followed for reporting quality

Salient Features

The Trademark Watch Company has a trained docketing and professional team providing services for over a decade and its experts have a combined experience of more than 10,00000 document processing and 3000 application filings for both corporates and law firms.

Paralegal and Docketing Process

  • Domain and Subject matter expertise
  • Customized deliverables in accordance to specific requirements
  • Urgent Request Handling Capabilities with the ability to scale up/down as and when required
  • Strict confidentiality measures always adhered to
  • Unparalleled focus on Quality
  • Trained paralegal team in managing daily work flow with an ability to handle ad-hoc requests in a timely, efficient, organized manner


  • Paralegal assistance can provide for multiple jurisdictions US, EP, IN, PCT, HK and many more)
  • Careful review of PTO communication ensures nothing to miss out
  • Foreign agent and direct client communications

Reporting Results

  • Detailed Reporting with documents as filed and upcoming deadline
  • Send timely reminders to attorney or client for any upcoming deadline
  • Free Customization and Iteration till your Satisfaction

Pricing and Turn-Around

  • Fixed Price and Custom Options to meet individual needs and budget
  • Cost saving (30-40%)
  • Quick Turn Around


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