What do you understand by Trademark Litigation?

Trademark Litigation is a legal process that applicants need to initiate in the case of infringement of a trademark. A trademark is a unique mark that companies register to distinguish themselves from others in the market. Moreover, a trademark on goods represents a company and increases company’s worth socially. Knowing trademark litigation becomes important if your business is flourishing tremendously. Trademark infringement can cause loss to your business. In the worst-case scenario, you may lose your trademark value if you don’t act promptly. Using services related to trademark litigation timely can help you retain your trademark. Moreover, you can press charges against the business that infringes on trademark. In this article, we’re going to know about Trademark Litigation.

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The Fundamentals of Trademark Litigation

We know what trademark is and what its use is. Thus, you should protect your trademark from being used by other companies for their benefits. Moreover, you need to aware of the fact that some companies may devalue your brand. As a result, you may have to face losses because of it. Thanks to trademark monitoring, you may immediately know if someone is using your trademark.

Once you know that your trademark’s right is being infringed, you need to act right away. Trademark litigation helps you recover the losses you faced because of trademark infringement. The following steps that you need to follow:

  • You need to file a trademark infringement lawsuit against the infringer.
  • Moreover, you may demand the infringer to compensate you for the losses you have to face because of infringement.  
  • Then, the court informs the infringer about the lawsuit. In addition to that, the court gives the infringer time to respond to the allegation.
  • However, the infringer may produce evidence in front of the court to support his side.
  • You have to present evidence to support the accusations that you have made.
  • The court examines evidence submitted by both parties. In the end, the court will make a judgement keeping everything in mind.

Moreover, this process may extend since the case can enter into the trial phase. However, a skilled attorney provides exceptional services throughout the case.

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Importance of Trademark Monitoring

Trademark monitoring or watching is a process to check for trademark infringement. Some organizations that provide trademark monitoring service. You may do trademark monitoring on your own. However, it is recommended that you should hire a firm that has expertise in this field. You may use the internet to monitor any cases of infringement. However, it’s not a reliable way to monitor. In the worst-case scenario, you may come across a trademark which resembles yours. Thus, it may confuse your loyal customers, and you may lose some customers.

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