Benefits of Trademark Monitoring Service

Trademark monitoring service is used to keep an eye on the possible infringers of the Trademarks.  Also, it helps to avoid any infringement from our side. They notify us of all the possible threats.

However, registration of a Trademark with the USPTO is just the first step to efficiently use and protect the related goods or services. We also need Trademark monitoring services to assure the long lasting protection of the value of the product or service.

Types of Trademark monitoring service:

Trademark monitoring mainly considers two types of criteria to watch for possible threats. They either search for similar marks or identical marks. The two types of Trademark monitoring services are:

  • Identical trademark monitoring:

This type of monitoring searches for marks that are phonetically or visually identical.

The search targets the marks that are used without any modification and have a major resemblance to the original mark.

  • Similar trademark monitoring:

It deals with confusingly similar marks. They fetch the marks that have deceiving similarity with the original mark.

They may cover a country, a continent or even the globe. However, Trademark registers decide the domain of monitoring.


Why detect the problem early?

It is always important to respond early in any case of Trademark misuse or trademark infringement. The company can use its IP rights more efficiently if the problem is detected at an early stage. Moreover, the owner has a limited period of time to respond against the infringement activity from the third party.

Benefits of Infringement detection at an early stage are:

  • In a few situations, it is necessary for a company to file against the infringement within 30 days of the publishing of infringing Trademark. If the company fails to do so, there still are chances to file the application but it becomes more difficult and costly.
  • An organization gets enough time to collect the evidence of infringement for legal proceedings against the infringing party.
  • Trademark monitoring service is also helpful to get an idea of what the competitive parties are up to. Also, they notify you of the same.

This may help the organization to know about the arriving technology in the market and they can plan their business strategies accordingly.

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Management of monitoring results:

Organizations with wide monitoring databases receive a huge amount of data and it is very difficult to surf through it. Moreover, there are possibilities that the organization can misplace the required results among the pile of data.

However, a set criterion for the Trademark monitoring service can ease the work. As it helps to receive only selected reports of interest. 

Why Take Our Services?

It is necessary to keep an eye on your belongings to keep them safe. The Trademark Watch Company helps to watch over your Trademark for any potential misuse. Our team consists of expert professionals that perform a manual search on a global database. You just have to provide the domain of search. We believe in working within the time limits and providing complete customer satisfaction. To get a hold of more of our services, visit The Trademark Watch Company.

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