Trademark Monitoring Fundamentals: Know the Importance

Being a trademark holder, it is important for you to have knowledge about trademark monitoring fundamentals. Trademark monitoring is an indispensable step to defend the trademark rights. An effective trademark monitoring strategy not only avoids your trademark loss but also prevent loss to your business. Moreover, it avoids the enforcing ability damage against infringers. So, let’s discuss effective trademark monitoring fundamentals.

Importance of Trademark Monitoring Fundamentals

Trademark monitoring facilitates a notification to the trademark owner if any similar trademark is registered. The major reasons due to which businesses must have trademark watch service are:

  • To avoid loss of the business
  • To retain a monopoly on name or logo of the business
  • In order to prevent enforcing ability damage against infringers
  • To prevent trademark rights damage

For example, we can consider a trademark named “KYAN.” Now, it is a problem for another company having the trademark “KYANOH” because the company requires to put extra efforts to increase their brand visibility. Otherwise, it may create confusion among their potential customers due to the similarity in the sound.

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Trademark Monitoring Fundamentals:  What type of Service does it include?

Using online tools trademark monitoring can be done by own. Here are some major tools available online that are used by both experts and beginners for trademark monitoring:

Trademark Monitoring By Own:


It is a Trademark Electronic Search System with the automated platform used to find infringement cases. Factors such as class, terms, categories, etc. are used for searching on the TESS portal.

Google Search:

It is one of the best platforms for trademark monitoring. For monitoring, you need to find potential infringers to your trademark. In order to search you can upload an image or icon of your trademark in the Google image search function. Simultaneously, you can search on Google in the search bar.

Note: This method of trademark monitoring is quite hectic and time-consuming.

Google Alerts:

It is a convenient method of trademark monitoring. Using Google alerts you can simply set an automatic search through which notification will come up on finding any trademark infringement.

Keyword Tools:

Google provides online service for both advertisement and web traffic via Google AdWords and AdWords Keyword Planner respectively. To confirm if anyone else is using your trademark Google Adwords can be used. However, Adwords Keyword Planner can be used to know the people strength that is actually searching for your trademark.  The tools are helpful in ensuring whether anyone else is using your trademark. But, it does not give a complete idea about the identity of the infringer.

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 Third-Party Trademark Monitoring :

In safeguarding brand identity, trademark monitoring plays a significant role. There are many organizations that do not only take trademark search service but also avail trademark monitoring service. The objective of the service is to stop the misuse of the brand you have built with efforts.

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