Monitor Trademarks: What and Why?

The finest way to protect your trademark and keep the infringers away is to monitor trademark on regular basis.

Trademark monitoring is a peculiar type of process or service. Here, you keep an eye or hire someone to keep an eye on your trademark and spot the possible and latest infringers. It is a search on databases to find trademark similar to yours, if any. 

Usually, we do monitoring for a fixed duration of time as well as indefinitely depending upon your (trademark owner) requirement. It also keeps you aware of the market risks. And, that too regardless of whether your trademark is registered. Thus, this enables you to take preventive measures in order to avoid future legal disputes.  

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What benefits you get when you monitor trademark?

Trademark monitoring certainly helps in several ways.

  • It ensures that no one is using your registered trademark. For example, you can monitor trademark applications for registration. Through trademark monitoring you can protect the singularity of your trademark and stop others from using the same.
  • Monitoring helps you to know the right time to take action against infringers. A contradictory action taken on time can save your future time and money. That is, you should prevent others from using your trademark because customers can associate the new trademark with your registered one. This, in turn, may cause harm to your business.
  • Trademark monitoring is also a useful way to generally monitor trademark and also what competitors or third parties are doing or what they are upto, even if you do not have to take action.

For example, by watching competitor’s trademarks, you may get notified of a new application in a different market. This will provide early notice of the competitors who might be considering entering a new market. It can be beneficial information to help with your overall future market strategy.    

And hence, knowing about similar trademarks is half the battle won. That is why it becomes essential to monitor trademarks.

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What exactly to monitor?

Monitoring of trademarks is an important tool in the watching of registered trademarks and devices. It helps companies to identify and act against infringement and misuse of their trademarks in a timely manner. However, a trademark strategy should take into account the size and reach of the brand owner’s portfolio as well.

Whether you watch it on your own or hire someone, your trademark watching strategy should cover all related trademark registers to identify applications for identical and similar trademarks.  

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Monitor Trademarks and Search Trademark: What’s the Difference?

We perform Trademark monitoring after the registration of trademark. It is to check whether any similar trademark is already there for registration.

Whereas, we perform trademark search at the initial stage of the trademark registration. It is to check if there already exists a similar mark registered or pending for registration for the similar class of trademark.

The process for finding a similar mark is same in both the cases. But, it depends on the stage at which trademark registration search is done. If search is done to check whether a mark is already registered or not, it is called trademark search. Whereas, if it is done to check whether a similar mark is pending before the registrar, i.e after the registration is done, is called trademark monitoring.

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Let the best in the field monitor trademarks for you!

You know that a lot of your business rides on the brand name. That brand name needs protection in the form of trademarks. But that protection is not enough, and trademark monitoring is absolutely crucial. It is difficult to manage so many things at once. So it’s advisable to hire a professional to take care of this for you.

The Trademark Watch Company offers the widest and most flexible search coverage. To ensure this, we carry out all our searches manually, and not via computers. We also want to ensure that our prices are affordable without compromise on quality. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

To make an inquiry, visit The Trademark Watch Company Services.

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