Global Trademark Search and its significance

Global Trademark Search is a process of scanning among the existing International Trademarks or Trademark applications for any potential infringement. Companies that plan to supply their goods/services in foreign countries take the help of these services. The complete process of application and registration for global trademarks is managed by the Madrid Protocol. However, the registration protects the intellectual rights of the owner over a Trademark at the global level.

The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) provides a database for Global trademark search. Also, it allows the customer intending to use the Trademark globally to know about the status of existing Trademarks/Trademark applications.


There are different types of International Trademark searches according to the selecting criteria. Preliminary type is the easiest type of International trademark search facility. It is a basic web search for identical/similar trademarks.

The main categories involved in the preliminary search are:

  • Word search

The search points out phonetic similarities among the categories and products.

  • Logo search

We perform the Logo search on a NICE classification database based on the NICE Agreement.

  • Device mark search

A Device mark search is run over the database of International Classification of Figurative Elements of Mark.

NOTE– Some other search engines also include serial numbers and company numbers.

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Global Trademark Search: Features

Searching pre-existing similar/identical Trademarks at global level helps the company to avoid infringing any trademark registered in another country. However, for registering a Trademark at a foreign country, a company needs to register the Trademark in the native country.

Registering a product/service in a foreign country after the search prevents the third parties to use the original Trademark. Also, it helps to maintain the reputation and sales of the company.

However, if you don’t want to register your Trademark in another country, you don’t need to go for a Global Trademark Search.

Common mistakes                                                                                                                                                         

There a few usual mistakes that a company does even after performing a trademark search. These mistakes can lead to a loss of value and economy of a country. Some of the common mistakes are as follows:

  • You cannot file for a Trademark in a foreign country if it is not registered in the Native country. To gain protection in another country it is necessary to register the Trademark at the home country.
  • Companies are also unaware of some facts regarding Trademark protection.

For example: To get protection on the Trademark in abroad, you must have existing live protection for at least 5 years.

  • Not planning according to the search and application may lead to a loss of investment and even current business. There are online calculators available to answer queries regarding business.
  • Not translating the names and logos according to the registered country. They should meet the logical and emotional requirements for the correct translation. However, this is only possible when they consult their international partners.

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