Trademark Watch and its Significance

Trademark watch helps in protecting the registered Trademark from the potential infringements. It monitors trademarks which are registered or in the mid of the registration process to check any potential infringement. If the company finds any mark resembling or violating the rights of the original Trademark, it can file an application against the infringing party.

Additionally, it helps companies to keep an eye on their trademarks as the infringement of the Trademark can cause serious troubles. It may lead to a drop in sales and degradation of the reputation of the company. Thus, Trademark monitoring is required.

Trademark Watch: Importance

  • It helps to monitor the Potential Infringers and allows the company to take certain steps to protect Intellectual property rights.
  • Additionally, it also strengthens the business policies.


For example – You can watch the activities of the competitors and know the fields they are going to enter. Thus, you can make the required changes to the Business policies accordingly.

  • Due to the shortage of time and resources, some companies cant keep a track of the Trademark infringement. Here, the Trademark watch service handles the work and allows the company to put more time and efforts for better output.
  • Trademark monitoring helps to identify the infringers. Thus, the company can generate revenue (penalty) from the infringing party for misusing their mark.
  • USPTO provides 30 days’ time period to file an application against Trademark infringement. Filing the application after the given time period is considered untimely and costs more. Trademark watch helps by notifying the company about the infringement at the earliest and ensures enough time to file an application.

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Our Approach:

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