November 23, 2017

Trademark Watching / Monitoring Services

Trademark registration makes the applicant, the whole sum owner of a particluar trademark for the associated brand, company or product name. In order to ensure that your valuable marks are protected and enforced, one must also monitor them continuously to check for unauthorised and potentially damaging use. In Trademark watching / monitoring, we examine all relevant trademark registers to identify the trademarks which are identical or similar to others trademarks. It has alsways been an important tool in the proactive monitoring of registered marks and devices, helping you to identify and act against infringement and misuse of your trademark in a timely manner.

We tailor the trademark watching/ monitoring services according to flexibility of our clients according in terms of their business needs, such as only monitor / watch only for identical marks, or also for similar marks, etc. The early detection of trademark infringement or misuse is an essential part of any trademark protection strategy, but it is a particular necessity if you are to meet the deadlines associated with submitting objections (or oppositions) to an attempted registration by a third party of a conflicting trademark. In general, such oppositions need to be filed within two months of the attempted registration of a potentially conflicting trademark.

Why Choose Us?

  • We value on-time, relevancy-based, accurate, and budget friendly trademark monitoring / watching services.
  • We covers 92+ Countries in our Watching / Monitoring Scope.
  • We ensure safety of your valuable brand from potential infringement.
  • We check for both word and design marks for infringement.
  • We are a exclusive team of professionals that does everything within confined and confidential boundries.
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