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What does COLA mean on TTB (Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau)?

COLAs Online is an Internet-based system that allows registered industry members to apply online for a certificate of label approval (COLA), certificate of exemption from label approval, or distinctive liquor bottle approval.

Why we search COLA Registry?

The TTB Public COLA Registry is a database that provides access to information on Certification/Exemption of Label/Bottle Approvals (COLAs), which TTB issues through TTB F 5100.31. Use this database to access information on approved, expired, surrendered, or revoked COLAs. No registration or password is required to use the Public COLA Registry.
The electronically approved and paper images are available for viewing and printing for COLAs issued from 1999 to present and are generally available 48 hours after they have been approved. You may view data only for COLAs issued prior to 1999. Searches for COLAs issued before 1996 may not produce a complete result set.


  • Only last 30 years of Cola Registry data will be searched and included in the report.
  • Normal customization would not charge, but it depends based on efforts and number of hours. Any customization which takes more than one hour will be charge accordingly.
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